Its almost crit time and I’m making some beads for my dresses :*( I have so many to do but its okay because I have dr. Fauci and yeah I pulled some out of the kiln this morning and they looked pretty good. Forgot to take pics tho I need to apply luster next andContinue reading “Beads!!”

I dont know what pictures I have ;(((

Im making my little beads now Bella stressed with finals coming up but everythings fine! Im going to start applying to residencies for next summer. Im really interested in getting into pocoapoco in oaxaca Its gonna be great

I don’t want to talk

Amsterdam makes me sad to think about right now but thats all I did so here are flower pictures The national flower is a tulip but they’re not native. They came from turkey Maybe I’ll put some on pots

Netherlands Trip

This will be mostly pictures and some may not be suitable for younger viewers! Took a trip to Amsterdam. Got lost and ended up in Belgium but all is good now! So far I’ve only been to the sex museum but its was nice & very interesting. My friends and I plan to go toContinue reading “Netherlands Trip”


So I’ll be submitting my grant proposal for the undergraduate student fellowship tomorrow morning! Hopefully i get the funding so I can continue working towards my fashion show with Alma. Earlier this week Autumn, Carly and I went to Indianapolis so we could get supplies from amaco. We saw some really amazing art, got coolContinue reading “STUDENT FELLOWSHIP :)”

Not sure

Im not positive I have to turn something on this week but I’ll include a picture of what I did anyway. My cat died unexpectedly so I haven’t had much motivation but I managed to dish out parts of the dress im working on last minute for a mock up I also made some redContinue reading “Not sure”

Never a day of rest

I’m tired Going through critiques can be hard. Or meeting extra obligations and goals that sometimes go unnoticed can be draining. I don’t always want to complain about these things, I just wish the system were different. Or that people were different. I feel like the studio can be toxic for some members. Especially whenContinue reading “Never a day of rest”

Empty bowls

I don’t have much this week. Feeling out of sorts with the studio a little bit. Not really sure what to do about any of it. So I guess I’ll just start with finishing what I had already promised to do. Dirt bags is supposed to be having an empty bowls event so I’m contributingContinue reading “Empty bowls”

Lemon shakers

I just fired some cute little lemon rattles in various colours. All for fun really. Doing some tests on my red clay and about to start wedging some old reclaim soon. Not too much has happened this week. I’ve been focused on cleaning an rearranging my studio space to make it more friendly too myContinue reading “Lemon shakers”


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